Flue gas desulfurisation installation in Arcelor Mittal Dąbrowa Górnicza.


GF Projekt made a construction project of flue gas desulfurisation installation, based on the dry flue gas desulfurisation installation technology, which is the most advanced one available on the market and guarantees high efficiency of flue gas desulfurisation and particulate emission reduction. The installation in ZW Nowa plant purifies 1600 000 Nm3 exhaust gas per hour and is one of the largest flue gas desulfurisation installation in Europe.

Complex installation includes also catalytic de-nitrides system which helps to cope with more and more demanding requirements and regulations regarding nitrogen oxides emissions. Mentioned Installations guarantee maintaining the SO2, particulate and NOx emission levels under respectively: 180 mg/Nm3, 10 mg/Nm3 and 190 mg/Nm3. It ensures compliance with EU Industrial Emissions Directive and restrictive regulations regarding environmental protection at the same time providing unlimited electric energy supplies and clean air.