• The development of the use of renewable energy sources is one of the most important directions of Polish energy policy until 2030. According to new EU guidelines concerning energy sector, it is a major challenge to maintain competitiveness on international markets. It is necessary to increase energy efficiency via new technologies of renewable energy sources and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Our experience gained in multi branch projects lets us provide all services.

    GF Project has a great experience in energy and heating sector, offering a wide range of services: technical consultancy, industrial architecture construction projects, steel construction projects, reinforced concrete and wooden construction projects, pipe systems, compressor systems, projects of fire security systems, fire detection systems, DSO, explosion quenching, hydrant and sprinklers networks, fire protection systems- expertise, tele- technical and electric projects and APKiA, cross- industry technical expertise, multi branch estimates.
  • Farmaceutical and biotechnology sector are ones of the most innovative branches of economy. The value of pharmaceutical branch has reached 21,4 mld PLN (5,0 ml EUR) in 2011. Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Sector will have to deal with four main global trends such as the reform of health care system, the need of innovation, necessity of complying with tightening regulations and the process of consolidation and globalization of worldwide markets.

    We gained our experience working for international companies like: Pfizer, Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Schwarz Pharma, Amgen Pharmaceutica. We offered technical support within the scope of architectonic and construction range for companies like Jacobs Engineering in Ireland and CH2M Hill in Cracow and Glasgow where we coordinated work of international team of designers and supervised subconstractors, executive, documentation and post-contract projects.
  • Food sector is one of the most important and dynamic sectors in Polish economy. Very important factor for production increase and changes in this sector was Polish accession to European Union. Food sector has undergone restructuring and modernization, adjusting to standards of the most advanced economies in the world. It resulted in dynamic recovery in foreign trade, enabling to derive benefits from competitive advantages of polish agri-food producers. As a consequence, food sector got closer to high developed countries.

    The real need of cross industry projects technical support, technology implementing and production plats rebuilding, forced creating the department for complex service for food industry. GF Project gained experience with Browar Tyski, Laboratory of healthy food Teagasc, Europa Sosnowiec Shopping Centre, Pogoria Dąbrowa Górnicza Shopping Centre, Gemini Real Shopping Centre Bielsko.
  • International experience with projects and coordinating building works enable us offering professional investment support on differentiated projects in Poland and abroad. GF project engineers cooperated with technical experts on infrastructure projects, aviation projects, railway transport projects, marine transport projects e.g. Tunnel under roundabout in Katowice- CCTV system, DTŚ route tunnel- G2 part- CCTV system, Marina Fierra Internationals- Yacht harbour in Genua- Italy for D’Appolonia, architecture- construction Railway Station with two level car park project- Neapol- Afragola- Italy, executive project of some sectors of Are Rianta Aviation Terminal- for Jacobs Engineering- Cork, Ireland, Hamilton Sundstrand R&D Rzeszów, Poland.

    Our experience lets us precisely specify investors goals and expectations and offer innovative solutions. Such actions implemented on frequently changing market requirements result in the highest quality standard of services provided for our clients. During the project work investor becomes a member of the team and actively takes part in the process stages. Every project is treated individually as we transfer years of international experience and knowledge providing our professional support during investments.

  • Complete project documentation for „Construction of the Turbo Extraction- Condensing unit with a power of 55MWe”

    Second stage of the venture dealt with building up new Turbo Extraction  -Condensing unit equipped with generator with the voltage of 6,3 kV. The power of the generator was diminished to 55 MW.

  • TAMEH - Natural Gas Installation

    The issue was the building project of natural gas installation of excess medium pressure DN300 CN 0,8 MPa for empowering of gas boilers in the central part of Arcelor Mittal Poland S.A. department in Cracow and TAMEH POLSKA Sp. z o.o. Power Production Plant in Cracow. The range of the project was: building of the overhead gas system of excess medium pressure, building of the overpass to sustain DN300 gas installation and building the platform to operate the DN300 gas valve.

  • POLPHARMA - Laboratory

    The project intention was to use unused area of the Hall to conduct scientific research, according to the prevention and security conditions for routine procedures in GMP Labs. For this purpose we separated out the building area for complex of chambers to be used as a production Lab for short series of medicines in KILO scale. In the Lab chamber we provided the possibility of creating the development lab equipped with glass reactors. We designed chambers for store of raw materials and half products as well as the back room for media supply. Expanded installation scheme provides reactors temperature regulation via thermostats in the temperature range from -45°C - 250°C. For the Lab need the following systems were designed: vacuum system, fossil water system, river water system, pure nitrogen system, technical nitrogen system, vapor heating system. Because of specific nature of the facility we provided solutions sustaining the appropriate level of fire security. The project was adjusted to the fire prevention expert guidelines. Designing Fire Control Systems we considered already existing fire prevention systems as well as demands of strict Assessment of Explosion Risks.

  • Project of Serenada Shopping Centre

    Project of Serenada Shopping Centre in Cracow at Bora- Komorowskiego St. Serenada occupies 106 tys. m2, 42 tys m2 are commercial premises, 160 shops. GF project designed commercial spaces in newly built shopping centre. Thanks to the modern architecture Serenada stands out among other shopping centers. Our projects adjust to the modern character of interiors design.

  • Polish Embassy in Morocco

    Project of rebuilding facility consists of elevation change, interiors rearrangement and transformation, reconstruction of the lounge and car lock, rebuilding of small architecture in the yard, conversion of sanitary system, ventilation system, air condition system and technical systems reconstruction. Usable area is 937 m2. Within the scope of land management we adjusted the communication to the needs of people with disabilities by elimination of architectural obstacles, adding ramps, platforms, appropriate sizes of pavements, parking spaces, door widths etc. Finishing materials and installations provided in the projects are ecologically friendly and do not cause any harm to environment.